beingmeta semantic services

beingmeta semantic services allow developers to leverage powerful analytic and semantic technologies through simple web-based service calls. Both conventional and Web 2.0 applications can use beingmeta reliable services to analyze natural language, disambiguate words, or make simple inferences over a vast knowledge base.

beingmeta services are powered by the company's S3 semantic services stack, which robustly supports large pointer-intensive semantic knowledge bases, high-throughput natural language processing, similarity-based and analogical search, and a high-performance servlet architecture integrated with the Apache web server.

beingmeta's services are currently available through a RESTful interfaces over https. These interfaces are documented by live HTML forms which document the parameters and allow easy experimentation with different parameters and combinations. Current services include:

Currently, beingmeta's services are free of charge and unthrottled for general use. We are committed to offering these services free of charge for research and experimentation while simultaneously offering dedicated, customized, or high-throughput services for reasonable prices.